LADY GAGA Shines in American Horror Story: Hotel                                   

LADY GAGA Shines in American Horror Story: Hotel


This is the fifth year of the anthology series, “American Horror” story, and after a “Murder House,” an “Asylum,” “Coven,” and “Freak Show,” a “Hotel,” seems a logical progression and may become the best. The new season is off to a hair-raising good start.  Not since “The Shining” has there been an art deco hotel so chilling and foreboding, giving us characters that seem more from a slasher film than a television series.  Unbelievable sexual acts and explicit eviscerations accompany this first episode of the show.  Not for children.  Not for some adults.


The adults in this film are well cast including those who have been here before. Sarah Paulson and the yet to be seen Frances Conroy, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe have been with the series from the start. Obviously absent, of course, is Jessica Lange who put this series on its feet.  Wes Bently returns for a second season as a cop who lost his son at a carnival years before.  Ever the chameleon, character actor Denis O’Hare, fresh out of True Blood, The Dallas Buyer’s Club, Banshee, The Good wife, et al, portrays Liz Taylor (so far), an apparent semi-drag queen who is the errand boy/man/girl  to the very gifted Kathy Bates, who returns to the series for the third season.  Kathy is awesome, as always, as the hotel desk clerk who checks people in who can’t seem to check out.


Those actors who have returned repeatedly to the show have brilliantly changed from one character to the next, so much so that the viewer forgets they were another person last year yet it is a refreshing and needed change for the “fresh blood “who have joined the series.  Though the veterans of the show are exemplary, this season’s newcomers promise to be equally impressive and fun to watch.  One of these new members has hit a grand slam.  Lady Gaga mesmerized and dazzled us with her premiere performance in the series.  She is a refreshing addition to the anthology giving us both a close-up look at her uniquely beautiful features and her surprisingly rich and bewitching talent. The more we learn about her character, the Countess Elizabeth, the more interesting this hotel becomes. Lady Gaga shines here, bringing new life to the series and justice to an exceptional storyline and script.

If you missed previous seasons of American Horror Story, don’t miss this one, especially since there is much more to come.  Ahead:  Michelle Pfeiffer, Alexander Skarsgård, Chloë Sevigny and Donald Sutherland join the cast in what promises to be the most disturbing, gruesome and wonderful American Horror Story.