“GET ‘EM!” The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof


Bob was tainted and we loved the poetic justice of it but Rick, Sasha, Abraham and Michonne had us jumping out of  our seats shouting, “Get ‘em” as the four put an end to Gareth and his men.

This week’s Walking Dead brings us back to the gruesome scene we left last week where Bob is being eaten alive by Gareth and his crew.  As suspected, Bob is tainted and has the last laughed at the fire which turns out to be Gareth’s last meal.

It’s a Last Supper theme that has been throughout these first three episodes of this season. Hidden at first, we are introduced to the Last Supper theme by the carving on the wall inside the pastor’s office. We come full circle back to it in this episode, episode 503, “Four Walls and a Roof. ” We see the Last Supper plaque on the wall once more before we realize that dining on Bob’s foot was the last supper for Gareth and his cannibals who got what was coming to them.  They got their comeuppance earlier than the governor, but who’s complaining?


In addition to this cleaver, hidden theme is awesome suspense. Sure we get suspense every week in The Walking Dead, but they out did themselves this week. The suspense of Gareth and his men looking for Carl, Tyreese, and others in the church…the suspense of Rick, Sasha, Abraham and Michonne coming into the church and bringing the cannibals to their knees…an of course what ultimately comes next…and how it come…makes this the best of this series, as has been every episode thus far in Season 5.

Andrew J. West, who is much more handsome in real life and much less sinister, was stellar as Gareth and we hope to see him in future roles.  We bid fond farewell to Bob, as we have done for so many since the series began.  We know we’ll lose more as the series continues.  Now what about Beth…