Teaching Reading to Adults

Teaching Adults to Read

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Finally, a way to teach reading to adults that is easy and works!

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My name is Tracey Khan.  I am a retired adult education instructor with the Technical College System of Georgia.  During my work in adult education, I was assigned to teach reading to adults.  The adults that I taught knew how to read less than five words.  I remember feeling overwhelmed  trying to teach reading with the material available to me. We tried tapes, ESL text books and searched the internet for material that would help me teach reading to my adult students  in the shortest amount of time.

As any adult education teacher knows, time is of the essence. For the adult student, so many variables surround the student staying in your classroom long enough to learn: money, transportation, jobs, childcare and perhaps most of all, the shame of not being able to read.  For the teacher, time must be made for all the reports, benchmarks and lessons to do. What I ultimately found was a process that I have included in Teaching the Adult Learner to Read, the first in our Saving Time for Teachers Series. It a easy lesson plan for teaching reading to the adult student.  It can also be used to teach children as well.

Teaching the Adult Learner to Read includes a classic text that builds upon every word the student learns until they have ultimately completed their first book.  It will make this special teaching and learning experience easier with results that can been seen early and consistently.

Key Details:

  • 113 pages
  • Instruction guide for teacher and student success
  • Permission to copy and print all pages
  • Phonics drill sheets
  • and more….

Teaching the adult learner to read